Mobile Gaming from Kerosene Games

Kerosene Games is a company that partnered with Luma Arcade to deliver mobile players the chance to engage in the excitement of the hugely popular Bladeslinger game. This game studio may not have multiple game releases, but what they do offer is a few quality mobile apps that will entertain any mobile user. The company has placed a focus on mobile game development and with the use of the latest technology, delivered two amazing titles to mobile players from around the world.

About Kerosene Games

Kerosene Games was first founded in 2012 and it only existed for a few short years. However, within that time, it released two amazing games that are still being enjoyed by mobile players daily. The company developed a game studio to produce titles that would entertain any gamer and the titles were released for play on Android and iOS devices, presenting an amazing selection for those that enjoy engaging in action-packed games on their mobile devices.

Based in the US, Kerosene game studio was open for just 2 years but managed to release two of the top played mobile games to date. While the company did not take off as expected, it has made a mark in the gaming world and is known to be one of the better mobile game development companies to those who love unique and high-quality mobile game titles.

Successful Release of Bladeslinger on Google Play

The success of Kerosene games studio came when it released a version of Bladeslinger on Google Play. This game was originally created by Luma Arcade in 2011 and it was offered on limited devices. In 2013, the game was finally released for iOS and Android devices due to the partnership with Kerosene games studio and players quickly started downloading the title and getting in on the action.

The new release offered enhanced video and graphics and the title is loaded with excitement and innovative game features. Bladeslinger remains one of the more popular action themed games being played on mobile devices and with great character actions, hidden boosters, multiple game levels and much more, it is a top played game for many Android users.

Other Kerosene Game Titles

The same team that developed the successful Bladeslinger game also released Bounty Arms, a 3D adventure game that has very user-friendly mobile controls. With this game, the player will take on the role of Drake Mass, Flux Helix or Gober and will gather local pets from the area to complete a variety of quests and defeat many enemy bosses.

The game was developed to replicate platform arcade style games and it was a huge success. With great visual appeal and multiple quests, any player will be thrilled when engaging in the action of the game. There are 10 great missions to be completed with the game and players will work to complete various objectives for bonuses. They can also play against others and land a spot on a global leaderboard. Bounty Arms was published by the games studio, and while it did enjoy thousands of downloads when it was released, the game did lack some major components. The developers placed more focus on the visual appeal of the game then they did more missions and player actions. However, even with some drawbacks, the game is easy to play and can offer hours of entertainment. Unfortunately, this was the final release for the games studio, so players looking for more action from this mobile game developer will fall short in their search and will have to look for newer and more enhanced iOS and Android games.