Intense Action from Luma

Luma Arcade is a company that has developed some amazing video games and mobile games over the years and some of the hottest titles can still be played on Android and iOS devices. The company first launched as Luma Animation in 2001 and was then founded as Luma Arcade in 2006. With a focus on computer game development, Luma made a great entrance to the industry and has provided players with exciting and invigorating games for a number of years.

Overview of Luma

In 2003, the company created Luma Design and then moved on to develop a part of the company that would solely focus on computer game development and video games. All three divisions of Luma have worked together to produce some of the most popular games being played by mobile gamers today. While the company has not produced a new game title since 2012, there have been many fun-filled video games and mobile games that players from all over the world have enjoyed.

From 2006 to 2013, Luma Arcade developed a number of high-quality mobile games and in 2013, the company was acquired in a private sale. For quite a few years, Luma remained the largest video game developer in South Africa, turning out amazing titles that have entertained thousands of players. The games were a designed with the latest technology to deliver a thrilling experience for gamers and while there are no new Luma Arcade games to be released, those that are available are still being played today.

Top Games Created by Luma Arcade

One of the most popular games that were created by Luma Arcade was Bladeslinger. This game is still a top choice for mobile gamblers who are seeking an action-packed title with many great options. Bladeslinger was one of the last games to be developed by the company and was released in 2012 on Android and iOS platforms. The action shooter game is a visually thrilling title that offers 3D graphics and was designed for high-end mobile devices.

The Harvest is another top-rated title from the company and it was first released for Windows Phone 7 back in 2010. It was later released in 2013 for Android, Windows 8 and iOS devices. This sci-fi themed game is a role-playing selection that is set on Earth after an alien invasion. Players take on roles to form armies to battle the aliens and the game is loaded with endless action. Players will progress through various game areas fighting off The Harvesters and in search of hidden upgrades. Luma Arcade has designed this video game to provide an amazing experience on mobile devices and it is one of the top RPG games still being played today.

Luma kicked off their computer game development in 2007 with the release of their first game, Mini #37, an intense arcade racing game that drew the attention of many. This car racing game released new tracks and courses every few months and provided players with two game modes, Arcade More and Championship Mode. Other titles that have been a huge success for Luma Arcade include Marble Blast Mobile and Flipt, both puzzle style games that were released for the iOS platform. REV and Racer were two more great racing themed games that were offered. While Luma Arcade may not have the longest list of titles, the games that were developed were stunning and engaging, attracting mobile players from all around the world and providing them with action, customizable options and realistic graphics that make them feel like they are truly a part of the game.